Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Music Theory Downloads Available

New on the site for May 2009: COMPLETE MUSIC THEORY COURSE DOWNLOADS is pleased to announce that the entire courses for Grades 1 and 5 are now available for download.

Prepared as print-quality pdf files, these eBooks mean you can have the complete course downloaded to your home PC for easy offline access or to print out.

They have been designed with printing in mind - all images are black and white, adverts and links have been removed, and a contents page has been added. When accessed on your computer, the pdfs will be fully searchable.

The Grade One Music Theory Course contains the entire course, and is priced at £1.50 (63 pages).

The Grade Five Music Theory Course is about twice as long, and has been split into two parts. Part one (55 pages) contains lessons 1-7, and part two (51 pages) contains lessons 8-15. You can purchase each part separately for £1.50 each, or buy them together for a 5% discount at £2.85.

The Grade Two Course will be available for download very soon. If you'd like to be notified of updates for Grade 2, just email us at, or leave a comment here.